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Holly's thoughts

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It's been past time to update the user info, so here goes:

I'm a nerd and a geek (though not a dork) and proud of it. Nerds, as adults at least, have always had at least a grudging level of respect, but geeks have not. Slowly, geeks are becoming more and more widely recognized as a legitimate class. If I "lobby" for anything, I lobby for the recognition of the rights of geeks. Nongeeks need not be alarmed, however. You have rights, too.

At present, I work as a court reporter, but I dream/plan to go back to graduate school, get a PhD, and make my career in academia, where a lit nerd belongs. I've tried this "real-world" making-money stuff, and it doesn't satisfy my soul. There is a huge difference between work I do only for pay and work I do in which I have a genuine interest. Besides, I'd be a really cute professor.

The sometimes strange subject heading are in Quenya, Tolkien's High Elvish language.

I'm a myers-briggs INFP.
abstract thought, academia, academics, analysis, anglo-saxon, ballroom dancing, beast complex, beauty, beauty and the beast, bible, bobby darin, books, c.s. lewis, ceilidhs, celtic music, charlotte bronte, children's literature, chivalry, christianity, chronicles of narnia, classical music, creative writing, creativity, critical theory, dancing, deduction, education, elves, elvish, empathy, enfj, enfp, english, entj, entp, etymology, expression, fairy tales, fantasy, fencing, fiction, fictional men, fictitious men, friendship, gallantry, geeks, gender roles, gentlemen, god, grammar, grimm brothers, harry connick jr., harry potter, history, honor, imagination, induction, infj, infp, inspiration, intelligence, intj, intp, introspection, introversion, introverts, intuition, j.r.r. tolkien, jane austen, jane eyre, jesus christ, josh groban, keirsey temperament sorter, languages, latin, legends, linguistics, literature, logic, long hair, lord of the rings, love, mbti, medieval history, meredith college, michael buble, middle ages, middle-earth, motives, mr. knightley, mr. rochester, music, musicals, myers-briggs, mythology, myths, name meanings, names, narnia, nerds, nf, norse mythology, nt, oboe, old english, personality types, peter pan, philosophy, poetry, pronunciation, psychoanalysis, psychology, purity, quenya, reading, relationships, religion, renaissance faires, renaissance festivals, rich mullins, science fiction, scripture, self-analysis, shyness, silmarillion, sindarin, sj, sp, spirituality, star trek tng, star wars, stories, study abroad, swing dancing, texas, the beast, the brothers grimm, the chronicles of narnia, the hobbit, the last unicorn, the neverending story, the princess bride, the silmarillion, theism, theology, thinking, thought, truth, words, writing